National Stationary Week 2016 - Staedtler Noris colouring pencils - *Review*

Colouring pencils with a difference 

Coloured pencils with ABS as standard

The frustrating days of broken coloured pencils are over. An anti-break-system coating protects these leads from breaking so easily, so feel free to colour to your heart's content.

It's National Stationary week! Yay. 
This week is all about how writing matters.
I know some will ague that using a good pen/pencil & piece of paper is no unnecessary now due to the use of emails, text messages, laptops, iPads... the list is pretty endless. 
However the use of the pen & paper is so personal. 
Nothing beats writing thank you letters or cards, the meaning of receiving things through the post is still so magical. For adults and children. 
Writing matters! 

I was sent these brilliant pencils for review. 
They're perfect in every way. 
So far I've not even needed the use of the pencil sharpener (though I have a rather cool electric one that I've been excited to use) I may have to *quickly sharpen one.... to test it out of course.... 
Obviously colouring pencils aren't just for adults, my two children have really enjoyed using them.
Quote from my 6 year old "these are the 'bestest' colours ever! I want to pack them in my pencil case!"
My 4 year old coloured in a print out of a car.... he said "I chose red it's so bright & lovely I love red cars!" 
Even with the children using them the leads didn't break, 

For under £10 these pencils really live up to expectations.

Colouring pencils with a difference. 

Enjoy National Stationery week. 

*Disclaimer - I was sent these for the purpose of the review, however all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

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