H's Physio appointment Talipes - Give the boy a break!!

It's been three months since his last appointment can you believe it? 
It's been a long day to say the least & I'm sure this will turn into a babble of mindlessness so I'm sorry in advance.
Today has been a strange day as I drove to the hospital I was in a calm happy mood, strange to feel like this before one of his appointments actually, usually I'm frantically worrying for 24 hours beforehand.
As I pulled up to park at the hospital I was unusually cheery too...
The physio's were running late that was no issue for me either, totally not their fault it happens.
Watching lots of nearly new babies going in & out of the room with tiny casts on I gave the mums that 'knowing smile'

I wanted to reassure them, tell them that it's all worth it, that it's not actually that bad....
though I couldn't because the last 4.5years has been the hardest years of my life. That most nights I spend fighting my son to keep his boots and bar on what have I now got out of it?
Yes he can walk. Yes I am horrendously grateful for that obviously.
But today I was told his feet aren't ok.
Watching the physio looking at his feet the silence in the room. She then got her colleague over for a second opinion.
Yep something needs to change. Something needs to be done.
Both feet aren't correct... three months ago the left foot was worse than the right however today the right foot is now worse.
It's crap, crappity crap crap.
So the next steps are :
Having new ADM boots *A new style* they've been ordered.
The dorsi ramp needs to be used much much more.
Trampoline time
Feet stretches every evening
Then if he still isn't tolerating the new boots he will have both legs casted for a week to stretch it all (the same as what he had done as a baby)
By the age of 5 the physio's don't do boots and bar beyond this time. If his feet are still no better then will be the time to do the tendon transfer... sigh.
They can do both feet together but they recommend doing them individually so in all I understand Hugo will have 12 weeks in casts.....
It's all SUCH bad timing due to starting primary school in September.
I've got to admit I had a good cry when the physio was telling me the plan of action.... I just don't know how much more I can take.
With all this going on there was a baby who was just 17 weeks old getting boots and bar for the first time absolutely lovely family & I tried my hardest to put a smile on my face & gave them all the advice I could about the first few weeks in boots and bar. The lovely physio showed them my book too.

*Wear your boots Ted* Available on Amazon
I wished them all the best & then carried on discussing H's feet.

Just watching H walk up & down the room I could evidently see how his right foot in particular is curving inwards. My heart sank & I wanted to burst into tears. His perfect to me little feet still need fixing.
Today I am so close to tipping, tipping over that edge, that I don't want to go any where near let alone over.

We are planned to go back beginning of October if not beforehand if the new boots don't work out.... 


In this piece, we give you some fantastic ways to treat your dog by building them some really simple and engaging toys. Not only will you be giving your dog something he’ll love and cherish, you’ll also be keeping the cost down, which is another bonus!
These ideas include some really fun toys, a feeding station, a doggy puzzle to get your pooch thinking, an awesome washing station and a really easy to make dog house.

Doggy DIY
Doggy DIY" by PowerTool World.

Nelly 12 weeks old first time swimming

Yesterday we took Nell Bell swimming for the first time. It was lovely as E had a day off due to the teachers strike; H was at Pre-school as normal & swimming seemed like the perfect activity to do whilst we just had the two smalls. 
After a rather hectic morning we managed to get into the swimming pool & Nell loved it. 
After the initial 'what the heck are you doing to me moment' of course. 
She smiled & kicked her legs like a natural. 

We are off to Spain in August, I'm so glad she's been swimming & actually enjoyed the water so I can relax a bit & know she'll love the swimming pool on holiday. 

I bought her tankini swimsuit from Next it twinning E's too. 

Perfect activity to do with them both.. Nell was so exhausted after swimming she slept for around 3 hours & fell asleep on the changing unit before I had a chance to get her out of her swimsuit & in to her clothes again. 
Whilst she slept the rest of us went to the swimming pool cafe & grabbed a coffee & some chips then E went into the soft play. It was such a lovely day. 
I'll definitely try to take her more. 

Save your floor from your pets

We love our cats and dogs, but they don’t always feel the same way about our floors. Whether it’s tearing up our carpets or scratching our newly laid wooden floors; pets can be a destructive and expensive member of the family. So here at The Rug Seller we’ve put together this piece to offer some guidance to help you understand why our cats and dogs damage our floors, how you can stop them doing it, the most pet friendly rugs to buy and how to best clean up after accidents.

The reasons dogs and cats attack our flooring varies a lot. Dogs attack carpets for reasons such as excess energy, anxiety and fear, physical illness and due to other stress related illnesses. Cats on the other hand are more likely to attack your home due to more ‘practical’ reasons. These can include marking territory stretching their bodies and flexing their claws as well as other causes.

Telling you why your pets take their feelings out on your floors without giving you some tips to stop them doing it wouldn’t be much use. So this infographic provides some easy to implement ideas to protect your flooring. One of the simple ways you can prevent cats and dogs scratching your carpets and floors is through a rug. Yet before you buy a rug you should consider what makes up a pet friendly rug. To do this means considering what fabric rug you need, what colour and pattern of rug you need and, as ever, what looks good in your home.

One thing all pet owners will face is the time their pet makes an unwanted stain on the carpet. While we’re sure you’ve all come up with good ways of coping, we thought it relevant to see if we could give you a few pointers as to how best clean up after little 'accidents'. 

Save your floor from your pet infographic by The Rug Seller

Little Bump Shop - Unique baby gifts. Brand Rep

Little Bump Shop - This is Baby's First Blooms

Little bump shop is the cutest way to gift your friends or family who have just had new beautiful bundles. 
Instead of sending a bunch of flowers why not send the Welcome Neutral Bouquet for just £35.99 it's very reasonable & so similar to the price of a real bouquet of flowers. 

Nelly wearing Little bump shop vest & socks
Nelly was picked as Little Bump Shop's brand rep this summer & my goodness are we enjoying it. 

You can find Little Bump Shop on Instagram HERE

Here's a few more pictures I've shared over social media.

A kiss from a rose Pink.

I love how unique Little Bump shop is & recommend them to everyone. 
It's definitely something to make you smile especially if you've just had a squidgy newborn baby. 

I'm back! Life with three smalls 11 weeks on.

I'm finally beginning to feel a little bit more human again. 
I can't promise that I'll be blogging a lot from now on however from September I will be back more & more. 
I've really enjoyed having a break from here to be honest, the last 11 weeks have been amazing but emotionally & physically draining from suffering with mastitis to Nelly suffering with thrush in her mouth then giving it to me. Honestly the most painful experience how I didn't give up feeding her I just don't know. She then lost weight due to the thrush & I did go down that deep dark hole of the cusp of depression. I felt like the worlds worst mother. All I wanted to do was hide in my bed & never come out again. It took weeks of medication & creams from the GP to finally be free of thrush & I honestly never want to see it return ever ever again. 

Today however I'm feeling good we're having a lovely family weekend & took the smalls to a local zoo yesterday (Marwell Zoo) 
Nelly is a really 'good' baby, ah I hate that phrase... the amount of people that ask... "Is she good?" Well she's a baby just how terribly bad can a baby be? She sleeps pretty well goes down at 9pm wakes around 3am & then up at 7am. She has slept through the night a few times too. 
I can't complain though its still just as exhausting. H still wakes up a lot due to his ADM boots. 
If you're a new reader to the blog as I am aware of my new readers ****HELLO**** click HERE to read about H's talipes journey.  
So he struggles with his boots.... every night. Who needs sleep right? ;) 

I'm managing to get this blog post written due to this little contented small sleeping away in her bouncer. 
If you want to follow us more check out my Instagram @bexandmic 
As I'm on there most days. 
Life is chaotic & crazy but as wonderful as ever before. 


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