I'm back! Life with three smalls 11 weeks on.

I'm finally beginning to feel a little bit more human again. 
I can't promise that I'll be blogging a lot from now on however from September I will be back more & more. 
I've really enjoyed having a break from here to be honest, the last 11 weeks have been amazing but emotionally & physically draining from suffering with mastitis to Nelly suffering with thrush in her mouth then giving it to me. Honestly the most painful experience how I didn't give up feeding her I just don't know. She then lost weight due to the thrush & I did go down that deep dark hole of the cusp of depression. I felt like the worlds worst mother. All I wanted to do was hide in my bed & never come out again. It took weeks of medication & creams from the GP to finally be free of thrush & I honestly never want to see it return ever ever again. 

Today however I'm feeling good we're having a lovely family weekend & took the smalls to a local zoo yesterday (Marwell Zoo) 
Nelly is a really 'good' baby, ah I hate that phrase... the amount of people that ask... "Is she good?" Well she's a baby just how terribly bad can a baby be? She sleeps pretty well goes down at 9pm wakes around 3am & then up at 7am. She has slept through the night a few times too. 
I can't complain though its still just as exhausting. H still wakes up a lot due to his ADM boots. 
If you're a new reader to the blog as I am aware of my new readers ****HELLO**** click HERE to read about H's talipes journey.  
So he struggles with his boots.... every night. Who needs sleep right? ;) 

I'm managing to get this blog post written due to this little contented small sleeping away in her bouncer. 
If you want to follow us more check out my Instagram @bexandmic 
As I'm on there most days. 
Life is chaotic & crazy but as wonderful as ever before. 

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