Nelly 12 weeks old first time swimming

Yesterday we took Nell Bell swimming for the first time. It was lovely as E had a day off due to the teachers strike; H was at Pre-school as normal & swimming seemed like the perfect activity to do whilst we just had the two smalls. 
After a rather hectic morning we managed to get into the swimming pool & Nell loved it. 
After the initial 'what the heck are you doing to me moment' of course. 
She smiled & kicked her legs like a natural. 

We are off to Spain in August, I'm so glad she's been swimming & actually enjoyed the water so I can relax a bit & know she'll love the swimming pool on holiday. 

I bought her tankini swimsuit from Next it twinning E's too. 

Perfect activity to do with them both.. Nell was so exhausted after swimming she slept for around 3 hours & fell asleep on the changing unit before I had a chance to get her out of her swimsuit & in to her clothes again. 
Whilst she slept the rest of us went to the swimming pool cafe & grabbed a coffee & some chips then E went into the soft play. It was such a lovely day. 
I'll definitely try to take her more. 

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