He's back in Casts - Talipes


Back in July I blogged about 'H's physio appointment - Give my boy a break' and here we are just a couple of months later in the dreaded position I thought I wouldn't be able to handle.

Yep, he's back into casts. I've been quiet on here as life is just going at 110mph it seems.
Very little sleep & with the smalls back to school; throw in H's hospital appointments then E's eye hospital appointments then home life, baby & dog... I'm frazzled. On top of all that we have run out of coffee pods & only decaf left...It's 'I need coffee day'

Ok so H is back in casts, this is mainly because he's refusing to wear his ADM boots and his feet are relapsing. Yep I said it. >Que. the sad face< Massively rubbish timing with him starting primary school last week too but needs a must.

I want to say he's coping amazing,
I want to say he's happy,
I want to say he's used to it,
I want to say he's such a little soldier nothing fazes him anymore.
Truth is - the past few weeks have been a real test, a test of patience, a test of getting through the day with only 2 or 3 hours a sleep, a test of just how far this treatment can push H.
It's been awful, he will cry himself to sleep every night, he hates people seeing his casts, he hates the shoes he needs to wear over his casts.
The casts are over his knees meaning it's difficult to walk, impossible to run & for me just like having two babies.

We have weekly Physio appointments at the moment to see how the feet are each time.
Everything is just so super full on, H is 10 times more demanding, he struggles to dress himself & even get to the toilet.
I'm sure I am just babbling on now & my heads pounding.
I'm going to chill a bit before I've got to collect H at 12, he'll be able to do full days once his casts are off...

I'll keep you updated. 

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