AmaWrap Keeping your baby close to your heart | REVIEW |

The AmaWrap Baby Carrier is easy to wear, soft – with no buckles or clips –, making it a perfectly simple accessory for your walk. AmaWraps retail at £39.99. For more information visit 

I have never ever tried a wrap carrier, the initial thought of using one made me a little bit anxious if I'm honest... 
The questions :
Will I put it on correctly?
Will she fall out? 
Can I use it on my own? 
Is it done up tight enough? 
Well the answer simply is - It's GREAT! 
I absolutely love it. 
I'm so glad I've been able to try one as I would never of known just how fantastic it is.
It's the perfect dog walking companion. Perfect for doing the school run & even wearing around the house if Nelly gets a bit grizzly. (because they always seem to get a bit clingy around dinner time) 

I thought it would be confusing to put on - but after reading the instructions, I can now easily do it myself. It's so super comfy!!

Nelly is 6 months old now & weighing in over 16lbs - she doesn't hurt my back whilst I'm wearing her (like some other popular brands) 
I wear the wrap every day. 
It's so perfect for me now & fits into our lifestyle great...
The AmaWrap fabric is made exclusively for the product ensuring it has exactly the right amount of stretch both ways to be comfortable whilst giving optimum support to baby. Many wraps contain elastane to provide the stretch, AmaWrap does not; the 100% cotton fabric is knitted in such a way to get the same effect, but naturally. Also, the dyes used are baby friendly, which means that all chewing and sucking on the sling by baby (and it will happen - It's Nell's favourite chew toy!!!) is absolutely safe.
Created by Founder Shabs Kwofie in 2012, AmaWrap is a home-grown UK-based company. Inspired by her African roots, Shabs purchased fabric from her local market after the challenging birth of her first baby so she could keep her close. Seeing how this changed her motherhood journey inspired her to create a product which allowed other parents to easily baby-wear.

Being such a believer in babywearing means Shabs has created AmaWrap to be more than just about the product; the mission is simple – to allow mums to be close to their babies. Her website and social media sites are designed to support new parents in their early baby journey. This means that AmaWrap offers advice and online help with all things baby-wearing and beyond, including C-section advice, breast-feeding support and baby wearing tips. In addition, you can find step-by-step guides and video tutorials on using the wrap - Shabs even offers personal Skype appointments for those needing any further product support!

You can find Amawraps on Instagram &

We love how easy it is.
We love how cool they look.
We love how comfy it is :) 
We love the AmaWrap

Would I recommend it to a friend ? 

So go on – keep your baby snug and warm this winter with AmaWrap. AmaWraps can be purchased at selected UK retailers and online at

*Disclaimer - I was sent this for the purpose of the review, however all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

Food storage declared a mum’s essential

The Mums Choice Awards has crowned Addis’ range of food storage boxes the ‘Best Food Cupboard Essential’ for 2016.

The Clip & Close range of square, rectangular and round storage boxes, which feature an all-round silicone seal secured with four clips making them 100% airtight and suitable for liquids, were subjected to testing and judging by a panel of UK mums earlier this year. They were chosen from a range of food and drink products to be named the winner of their category.

‘We are delighted to have received such a fantastic endorsement for our Clip & Close products,’ says Janine Davies, marketing manager at Addis. ‘They are a high quality storage staple, and we have expanded the range to ensure that they cover a really comprehensive range of needs.’

The judges were impressed by the versatility and quality of the range, which comes in various shapes and sizes, from 180ml to 8.3l, is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and BPA free, and comes complete with a 10 year guarantee. 

Mum’s Choice Awards MD, Michele Bates, comments: ‘When the team received the ADDIS samples for test, the task to find a suitable tester was an easy one as the entire team could not wait to get their hands on them!  

The variety of shapes and sizes means there is an ADDIS box for every occasion and they always perform, keeping the contents fresh, odours of strong smelling food contained, each and every time.  Every home should have a drawer full of them.’

Organised by the leading parenting website,, the Mums Choice Awards are designed to give mums a clear insight into what products in the market are favoured by their peers. 


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