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Last week I was asked if I wanted to review the lovely Strada restaurant in Horsham, West Sussex (my local town) 
Since Nelly was born *7 months ago tomorrow* cannot believe it, well the Mr & I haven't had a moments peace since, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to have an evening out together completely child free. I also love food, I'm a complete foodie. You're probably aware of that if you follow my Instagram. 
Olives to start

We booked our table for 7pm - I would always book ahead to avoid disappointment. 
The restaurant looks great.

Actually it looks better than great it is GORGEOUS! 

Autumn has officially arrived and to celebrate they've given one of our much-loved restaurants a sparkle. They've managed to combine the freshness of the menus with a new contemporary look and feel at the Horsham site. The refurbished restaurant still boasts the warmth and vibrancy that embodies all things Strada, but is ready to sparkle this autumn/winter season. 

For our Starters we had 
Crispy Squid - Crispy fried squid with caper mayonnaise and sweet paprika
Tricolore - A classic Italian dish, made with fresh tomatoes, soft avocado and rich buffalo mozzarella. Finished with green pesto and toasted pine nuts.

Crispy Squid Starter Strada

Tricolore Starter from Strada.
AStrada, they've got the best Italian comfort food made with fresh, local ingredients. From the hand pulled pizzas made daily like the Vesuvio, with tomato, morzarella, smashed n’duja sausage, spicy salami, red chillies and smoked peppers, through to our pastas. The Veal Tortelloni is a favourite on the menu right now, prosciutto and veal filled parcels in a creamy butter and sage sauce.
Or take a look at the meat and fish selections with an Autumn favourite, Pollo Cacciatora, grilled chicken fillet in a rich tomato, mushroom and pancetta sauce, served over fresh rosemary potatoes or the Roast Sea Bass, whole ‘canoed’ sea bass stuffed with thyme roasted fennel, served with rocket, herby potatoes and olive oil. - This was my main the Sea Bass was mouth watering.

For mains we ordered the Vesuvio pizza & the Sea Bass.
We thoroughly enjoyed our mains, the pizza was delicious & the Sea bass was amazing.
I love that Strada only use FRESH fish too.
Nothing is frozen & you can really tell whilst eating it.

Deciding what to order for dessert.

Not to leave out the indulgent desserts, we had the chocolate fondant, oozing chocolate pudding with salted caramel ice cream and the lemon ricotta baked cheesecake, rippled with tangy lemon curd, blueberry compote and crumbled pavlova.

The chocolate fondant tasted just like eating dairy milk buttons *YUM*
The lemon ricotta baked cheesecake was great, I'm a sucker for cheesecake.

The atmosphere : 
The atmosphere was great, lovely & relaxed. 
The staff were fantastic very welcoming & friendly.
I would love to go back.

The house Rose was lovely! 

Love the quirky lighting.

Inside Strada in Horsham

I think people quickly forget how important couple time together is, we've been married coming up to 6 years & three children later... we barely see each other and if we do go out for dinner 9 times out of 10 the three smalls come along with us, though Strada would of been extremely accommodating for our children it was so refreshing to go out child free and enjoy each others company.
Strada made us relax & enjoy our time out the house. 

Coffee to finish.

We couldn't finish our evening without a coffee. 
Good coffee too! 

Would we recommend?  
Yes! Of course I would you can take a peek of the Strada Menu HERE

Disclosure: We were guests of Strada and so our meals and drinks were complimentary.  As ever, my views remain honest and I wasn’t obliged to write anything positive. 

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