Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair – Make it Personal

Introducing complimentary name engraving - making the chair that grows with your child, just for your child. 

Engrave your Tripp Trapp® for a lasting impression. 
Your child is one of a kind, so why not give them something that is as unique as they are? In addition to a wide of variety of colours and accessories, Stokke® is pleased to offer families the complimentary option of engraving the back of their Tripp Trapp® chair with their child´s name.

As parents-to-be, one of the first things we dream about is the name we will choose for the precious little person entering our lives. Engraving Tripp Trapp® is a meaningful way to let your child know that their chair has been made just for them.

When you share the name you would like on your chair, the back rail will be laser engraved. Once finished, it can be used both as the top and bottom back rail of your Tripp Trapp® chair. The engraving is treated with a special oil to make certain the wood is sealed so that it will look good for years to come.

Engraving will be available on in selected markets from November 2016 and in Stokke´s flagship stores from October 2016.

Tripp Trapp® 

The chair that grows with the child.™ From birth. 
Tripp Trapp® is one of Scandinavia’s most recognizable designs. Ever since it was created by 
Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik in 1972, millions of children have enjoyed their meals, drawn, played and grown-up in Tripp Trapp® chairs. 
Today, as then, the intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth- and height adjustable seat- and footplates. When adjusted correctly, your child is ensured a comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age.

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