We won't be saying goodbye to his boots and bar just yet....My superhero! H Talipes appointment

We've just arrived home from H's physio appointment, after the hellish few months I was hoping for good news! 

H was surprisingly excited to go see his Physio, he's been actually wearing his boots and bar night after night. So he was super excited to tell them all. 

It was lovely to be next to him hearing him telling them that he's been wearing his boots all night because he's a superhero.

His feet are looking beautiful! The right foot isn't perfect just yet but hopefully by February (our next appointment) it will be.

Also we wont be able to say goodbye to his boots once he's 5.... however I'm feeling positive about this move, i'm petrified that he'll relapse again. 
I'd keep him in his boots for a few more years if I could :)....... Now he will finally wear them.

At our appointment we had a baby being given boots and bar for the first time, I remember that day so clearly. H wanted to go over and cuddle her ( I had to stop him ) 
I suppose his happy feet circle of friends will always be pretty special to him *& me*.

I suppose his *Bye bye boots and bar party will be put on hold for now....

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