A Vintage Valentines – Personalise your Valentines Cards at Liberty London with Vintage Playing Cards pop up

Don’t miss out on the chance to show your loved one that you have gone the extra mile with help from Vintage Playing Cards this Valentines. On the 9th February from 12pm-6pm there will be a Vintage Playing Cards promotion in the Stationery area, in which there is the opportunity to get personalised Valentines cards put together right in front of your eyes. Choose from two designs, both of which are handmade and feature original vintage playing cards.
Vintage Playing Cards selection of Valentines gifts and cards are the perfect way to show how much you personally care for that very special person. Vintage Playing Cards specialises in hand-made greeting cards, frames, clocks and gifts made from individually sourced original vintage games including playing cards, and 1920's parlour games. Perfect for the design savvy the stunning selection of gifts includes personalised letter frames that can spell something that is unique to your loved one, creating a thoughtful handmade and very special Valentines gift. All Vintage Playing Cards’ products are handmade in their studio in Suffolk.

If you are not able to attend the promotion at Liberty London, visit the Vintage Playing Cards’ website to see their range of products. The Valentine’s Day range is also featured on the website, with the option of personalisation as well as premade gift options. Other Vintage Playing Cards’ products include:

Letter Frames

The Vintage Playing Cards range of letter frames contain individual cards sourced from a 1930’s spelling game which are put together to spell out romantic expressions. The letter frames have been hand crafted to create beautifully stylish Valentine gifts with phrases from the big screen and iconic love songs including LOVE ACTUALLY, PS I LOVE YOU or IT STARTED WITH A KISS. For the ultimate in romantic gestures you can spell out the name of the person who has your heart or a certain phrase that brings you together. The cards are then double-mounted with cream, black and grey, into a stylish wood box frame.

Vintage Playing Cards also gave a range of international love frames including TI AMO, JE TAIME and CARIAD. The sweetheart frames spell out the sweetest phrases including YOU AND ME, KISS and I LOVE YOU.

However, who says you need to have a significant other to treat you on Valentine’s Day? Treat yourself because you deserve it. Vintage Playing Cards also cater for those who haven’t had the best of luck in the dating departing, may be spending their first Valentine’s Day alone or for those who are just happy being independent and loving themselves. Vintage Playing Cards singleton letter frames includes IT TURNS OUT HE WAS FIFTY SHADES OF GAY or YOUNG WILD AND FREE.

Premade Cards
Receiving a card from that very special person on Valentine’s Day through the post is one of life’s pleasures. But receiving an original piece of art makes it even more special. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful handmade cards featuring the backs of playing cards from the 1920’s through to the 1970’s showing different romantic scenes. Alternatively, you can pick the iconic glitter ace of heart card for a classic stylish Valentine’s Day card.

Vintage Playing Cards can be purchased directly from www.vintageplayingcards.co.uk or for your nearest stockist call 01284 728930

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