Review Diamond Gel MAX starter kit

Diamond Gel kit
Every girls dream? 

The world’s first Portable One Step Nail Gel and Cure Lamp – all in one!  

To be able to get your nails done anywhere? anytime? without rushing to a salon or waiting to be seen. 

Never visit a nail salon ever again!!        
The Diamond Gel Max home & on the go Gel kit with portable UV LED light. 

Last for minimum 4 full weeks!
Easy to carry in your handbag!
Simple and quick to apply!
Sexy nails in minutes!
I am that girl who always has my nails done. Not always Gels but I do paint them every week. With normal varnish it lasts what, a day if i'm lucky? Also I'm busy I literally don't know how I'd fit in getting my nails done. 

This is where the Diamond gel max nail kit is the perfect solution.  
I got home from the school run, tidied the house, put the baby down for her nap. and sat with a coffee and done my nails. Without any stress. 
I adore them, can't stop looking at them. 
They're so pretty.

Instructions are super easy to follow. 

1) Remove the UV Pen from the cap of the Gel Pen.
2) Clean the surface, ensuring they are smooth/ridge free & dry. 
3) File & shape the nail as required.
4) Apply a thin layer of gel, working up to but not over the cuticle.
5) Switch on the UV light pen, holding above the nail 3mm to 5mm, cure one nail at a time for between 40-60 seconds per nail. Curing time depends on the thickness of each application, amient temperature & humidity amongst other factors. 
6) Repeat the above until all fingers are gelled to perfection. 
7) Once the nails have been fully cured a second coat can be applied if required. Repeat the steps 4,5 & 6 above. 

I can't stress enough just how much I love this product. 

I picked Princess Pink. But they have three colours to try at the moment. 
Natural Rule & Red Queen 
for £49.95 It's a no brainer. Great price and brilliant product. 


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